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Myrmidon   Insanespaladin
Highlander PaladinGuild
Realmpoints199 852
The Magic of Mary Jane
Rank on the Server:55
Rank in the Realm:17Show Signatures
Rank in the Class:1

Total Player Kills: 85
Midgard Player Kills:3945.88 % of total Kills
Hibernia Player Kills:4654.12 % of total Kills
Total Deathblows:3743.53 % of total Kills
Deathblows Midgard:19
Deathblows Hibernia:18
Total Solo Kills: 33.53 % of total Kills
Midgard Solo Kills:3
Hibernia Solo Kills:0
RvR Deaths:69
Kill/Death Ratio:1.23 : 1
RPs per Death:2 896