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Eagle Knight   Glohan
Highlander MinstrelGuild
Realmpoints560 044
Die Alten
Rank on the Server:9
Rank in the Realm:2Show Signatures
Rank in the Class:2

Total Player Kills: 28
Midgard Player Kills:1139.29 % of total Kills
Hibernia Player Kills:1760.71 % of total Kills
Total Deathblows:1450 % of total Kills
Deathblows Midgard:2
Deathblows Hibernia:12
Total Solo Kills: 828.57 % of total Kills
Midgard Solo Kills:1
Hibernia Solo Kills:7
RvR Deaths:26
Kill/Death Ratio:1.08 : 1
RPs per Death:21 540