Top 50 Solo Kills

NameRace / ClassSolo KillsGuild
1Abaev Briton Cleric0Clan Cotswold
2Abarzakion Highlander Paladin0In Vino Veritas
3Abbisi Lurikeen Ranger0
4Abelina Elf Magician0
5Abia Norseman Valkyrie0Frenchs Connection
6Abigail Avalonian Cleric0Clan Cotswold
7Abik Shar Vampiir0I Warriors of Dacia I
8Abing DonnerhallKobold Hunter0Thors Donnerhall
9Able Elf Eldritch0Two Brothers
10Abner Highlander Cleric0Clan Cotswold
11Aborien Kobold Runemaster0undefined
12Abri Kobold Shaman0undefined
13Abs Briton Heretic0Angels
14Abso Lurikeen Magician0Tir na Nog Adventurers
15Absol Troll Seer0Mularn Protectors
16Absolute Troll Bonedancer0Mularn Protectors
17Ace Celt Druid0LEGACY
18Achille Highlander Armsman0In Vino Veritas
19Achilles Shar Vampiir0Die Lettanten
20Aciarya Briton Cleric0
21Acids Kobold Shaman0Mularn Protectors
22Aciela Briton Friar0Wächter des alten Volkes
23Acoldone Kobold MidgardRogue0Mularn Protectors
24Adaevx Briton Acolyte0Clan Cotswold
25Adana Lurikeen Mentalist0Empire of Brilliance
26Adarech Inconnu Necromancer0Caly was here
27Adaref Briton Minstrel0Clan Cotswold
28Adauryn Highlander Fighter0Clan Cotswold
29Ade Norseman Mauler0Mularn Protectors
30Adelaid Lurikeen Eldritch0Pure Destruction
31Adele Celt Bard0Tir na Nog Adventurers
32Adelia Kobold Shaman0undefined
33Aderi Briton Theurgist0Semper Fidelis
34Aderian AyashiCelt Bard0Veritas et Aequitas
35Adesha Lurikeen Vampiir0
36Adiar Briton Acolyte0Clan Cotswold
37Adilit Sylvan Valewalker0Tir na Nog Adventurers
38Adoiloth Briton Reaver0Clan Cotswold
39Adraliwia Kobold Bonedancer0SanGrenedio
40Adraresean Briton Minstrel0Clan Cotswold
41Adreat Briton Cleric0Clan Cotswold
42Adrenalina Inconnu Necromancer0Ma Anche No
43Adweimond Briton Elementalist0Clan Cotswold
44Adwilamos Briton Friar0Clan Cotswold
45Aebbys Lurikeen Nightshade0Tir na Nog Adventurers
46Aebi Frostalf Warlock0Mularn Protectors
47Aebis Briton Friar0Clan Cotswold
48Aeby Norseman MidgardRogue0Mularn Protectors
49Aebyis Frostalf Shaman0Mularn Protectors
50Aebyss Inconnu Mage0Clan Cotswold